Elizabeth Paige Smith debuts new Kittypod site and affordable product line Jan 2011




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The website unveils never before seen designs expanding categories associated with cat rituals, and debuts the “DOME” habitat with SCRATCHDECK™

California, January 2011. Elizabeth has been rocking the pet industry with her unique and original pet designs since 1998 for creatures of comfort and those who love them. This month she introduces the new Kittypod website which remains synonymous with innovative design, discreet good taste and timeless luxury. The new website features much anticipated designs setting the new standard for pet architecture, cohabitation living and affordable luxury.

The Kittypod Dome, reflecting the designer’s signature modern aesthetic and ethical design values is specifically designed for use, comfort and beauty. The elegant, modern, architectural design is made of superior grade recycled cardboard featuring one point of entry, multiple peepholes and an interior SCRATCHDECK™ for clawing and nesting. Intimately proportioned and easy to assemble with integrated tab connections for a secure sanctuary and strong enough for active cats.  The Dome is 100% recyclable. A Kittypod slotted toy and birdie mobile are also included with the product. It sells for $49.00. It’s a cat’s personal oasis and the ultimate token of love where elegance and craftsmanship come together.

Elizabeth Paige Smith comments: “I wanted to create new affordable designs that meet and expand the categories of cat’s rituals.  The essential idea for the new work centers around concepts of ritual and sanctuary, light, material and form, and continue to satisfy the need for a well-designed structure with a durable scratching surface.  The website design is an organic evolution of ideas that came together as I developed the concept and function of the site;  expressing the essence of Kittypodliving, which essentially is the lifestyle I lead with images of what surrounds me.”

The Kittypod dome is immediately available through www.kittypod.com, online retailers and select California boutiques which can be found on the Kittypod website. To coincide with the dome product release, the new redesigned website has launched with many beautiful critter essentials. In addition, you can preview the new 2011 winter collection. The winter collection will introduce her SupaPlush™ and KITTEA™ product lines along with other elegant accessories, habitats, furniture, and SCRATCHDECKS™.

The Kittypod website will have interactive functions to shop by product categories, lifestyle and cat rituals (play, stretch, dream, inhabit, rejuvenate, climb). The store will also include a “wow” section featuring limited edition hand made luxury products and a “homegrown” section showcasing unique unlimited herbal, organic pieces. The site will have a blog, community area, video content and new updates. Elizabeth’s designs establish a unique solution for cats whose responses to the shapes and materials have continued to inform the development of the Kittypod lifestyle brand which comes across in the site’s beautiful design and tone. Designs that nurture your inner beast.

About Kittypod

Kittypod products are thoughtfully designed and responsibly made in California since 1998 by Elizabeth Paige Smith. The original corrugated pet furniture brand. Kittypod perfected the process and established the benchmark for design innovations and customer satisfaction in pet products.

Kittypod product designs encourage healthy living by nurturing cat’s instinctual needs and providing solutions for the owner and their pet to live harmoniously together.

Cats are naturally attracted to Kittypod designs because their products are designed for ritual living to attract and support cat’s natural behaviors: scratch, inhabit, lounge, play and dream. Kittypod product’s materials and forms are attractive to cats and pleasing to the owner.

Kittypod takes pride in the longevity of their products and continuously designs new accessory options to complement existing collections giving free reign to individuality.

The reputation of the Company’s brand is based on luxurious sculptural functional forms for cats, and recognized as a leader and archetype of scratch lounges with the original Kittypod design debut in 1998.  The Company is a lifestyle brand introducing affordable designs to suit everyone’s budget.

Kittypod’s design headquarters are grooving in nature and based out of a 1960s geodesic dome located on a mountain top near La Honda and Woodside, California.  


Over the years Elizabeth has used all forms of media to express the ideas, shapes, and movements that find their way into her mind.  From design to sculpture to photography and film, light and environment are key aspects to the atmosphere, form and function of her pieces. Her extensive body of works has been featured in exhibits at the LACMA, the MOCA, the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, the San Jose Museum of Contemporary Art and Pasadena Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as featured in the New York Times, LA Times and throughout the US, Europe, and Asia in leading magazines of culture.

Raised in the Cayman Islands and settling in California in 1993, Elizabeth gravitated to the ocean from an early age. As a place of sanctuary and ritual, she observed the way light moves, bends, and refracts in water.  This attention to the influence of light and color has played a strong role in her work since the days when she built coral reef habitats at the bottom of the ocean.  The idea of ritual lies at the core of many of her works, particularly her film pieces and expressed through her furniture design and in the development of kittypod: architectural structures and corrugated habitats for cats…an ELIZABETHPAIGESMITH experience.