iPad 2 fever


ELIZABETHPAIGESMITH teamed up with the amazing animators from Gentle Giants Animation (the guys who made the animated Coraline movie) who created a stop motion animation of a holiday peep, to create this 2 minute short. Kittypod kittens Ping & Pong are INSANE for the peep that taunts them with psychedelic persuasion - the film is inspired by nature, technlogy and the sun & moon and of course the super cool iPad 2.

chasing the underwater butterfly


ELIZABETHPAIGESMITH teamed up with Roxy in Tahiti where she filmed an underwater project titled Ritournelle.  Chasing the underwater butterfly is a one-minute project created from the footage she captured in Moorea featuring a beautiful baby eagle ray and big-wave rider from the Roxy women's surf team.