koosh- denim

Designed by Elizabeth Paige Smith

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The Denim Koosh is a double-sided rejuvenating pouf that will revitalize you and kitty. Stuffed with our hand blended KITTEA™ organic fill of french lavender, generating a therapeutic aroma, buckwheat hulls, which appeal to the senses with a bit of crunch, and silky hemp fibers to give it a plushness perfect to caress. Cats love to knead this body contouring blend. Handmade with new indigo hemp and organic cotton denim that has been hand-stamped with the Kittypod birdy and logo. Each Denim Koosh is unique expressing beauty, harmony and craftsmanship for you and your kitty. 

Handmade with unique characteristics by the Kittypod studio in sunny California.


  • Type Supa Plush
  • Weight 5 lbs
  • Material Indigo Hemp Denim; Kittea™ fill: Hemp fiber, Buckwheat Hulls & Lavender
  • Origin California Handmade USA
  • Color Indigo with White Birdy Migration Stamps
  • Dimensions 24 Diameter x 6H
  • Care Hemp Denim Cover: Cold water wash, Dry Flat
  • Assembly