Welcome to Kittypo

Kittypod is an international lifestyle brand designing authentic cat furniture and accessory solutions for a harmonious cohabitation with your pet.

We are an independent design studio, based in California practicing contemporary product design for cats and their beloved owners. All our products are thoughtfully and responsibly designed by ELIZABETHPAIGESMITH since 1998 and made in California.

The development of the line will expand existing categories and provide new ways to interact and provide alternative solutions for cohabitating with your pets.  Now introducing new natural plush bedding for Dogs~ 

Kittypod is committed to design excellence. Differentiating from other cat products by providing cohabitation design solutions for cat's ritual living

We believe in the power of the imagination, discovering through prototyping and the experience of design will improve life through better materials, pricing and production methods.

We hope you and your pet companions enjoy our products and continue to engage with Kittypod.