care instructions


For best results for caring of Kittypod™ corrugated cardboard
furniture, periodically sweep hair and debris using a

Balling the cat hair using the palm of the hand will also remove the hair. Do
not wet the cardboard.

It is best to clean the furniture outside when sweeping,
or if cleaned inside using a vacuum cleaner will help
to avoid the debris and hair from dispersing in the air.

Should your cat happen to vomit on the cardboard design, it is best
to absorb and remove all particles as soon as possible in order that
the liquid does not saturate the cardboard. However, it is not always
possible to attend to the mess at the time it occurs. In that case,
remove the mess as best as possible and allow the cardboard to dry. Do
not scrub the cardboard. When dry, lightly brush the remaining bits off
with a brush, broom, or vacuum.

Kittypod™ products are designed to withstand normal cat
wear and tear but does not guarantee against aggressive

It is normal for the texture of the corrugated
cardboard designs to show additional texture should your
cat use it as a scratching post. It is to be expected that your cat will
personalize his or her Kittypod™ design. This is a clear sign that they
are happy and using the product as intended.

Kittypod™ products can last your cat for his lifetime if
maintained on a regular basis and used for pet use only.

We do not recommend the use of markers, crayons, or paints
on Kittypod™ cardboard products. The integrity of the design is intended
to be maintained as designed for the cat and owner.