Designing Responsibly

Responsible design is the way Kittypod business is done. We believe high quality design is essential to move the world forward in creating healthier, beautiful cohabitation solutions to enhance owner’s relationships with their pets.


Our high quality design embraces safety, reliability, and environmental stewardship, as well as aesthetics and performance.  Our product model and business model converge around the tenets of sustainability.


Kittypod designs innovative, environmentally and pet friendly products & packaging that are safe and healthy for a happier life for pets and owners together.


In this large and growing industry Kittypod is focused on designing improved products with sustainable materials that better the environment and help pet owner's meet their needs.


Our design innovations are built on sourcing the best quality of materials that positively impact our environment. We focus on production efficiency, analyzing design and our collaboration partners to make sure their processes are like-mind to the betterment of this world, while learning together better design techniques. We maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources.


The Kittypod policy objective is to earn the trust of our customers by acting responsibly in the communities we serve. Working to maximize the benefits we bring, whilst minimizing the negative impacts on communities and nature. We take a holistic approach to design and the creatures that cohabitate in the home.


Kittypod is inspired by design and the natural environment that surrounds us to provide pet owners with the products they want and need. We believe in good design and good business. We are informed by knowledge, empathy and humanity. 


This is Kittypodliving. Groove responsibly with us.