The story of Kittypod® began with design, form, discovery and most importantly passion.  I launched the first design for Kittypod back in 1998 establishing a unique solution for living with my cats.  Their response to the shapes and materials I started with continue to inform the development of this lifestyle collection.  I've discovered my own pure happiness designing for Kittypod while satisfying the need and function for a harmonious cohabitation with my pets.  Living with cats and dogs brings a lot of joy to my day and many challenges as a designer seeking to improve our daily lives together.  My studio is a geodesic dome  next to my organic garden surrounded by wilderness...coyotes, bobcats, cougars and hawks its a rich setting enabling free thoughts and flow.   In this intimate geodesic dome environment my team and I are sharing, learning, creating, having fun, exploring, listening to music, making light and growing things every day.  This is the studio life nested among California ancient oaks and redwoods overlooking the sea.  Inspired by the life around us and the ocean breeze this is our story and a bit about what's going on in the underground+++EPS