The Kittypod Iti is the fantasy island-like destination your cat has until now only drooled over while dreaming of the purrrfect getaway ~ Hot off the press we are introducing our first patterns of Birdy Migration exclusively for the Iti design in 2 colorways:  aqua and white.  The halftone birdy migration pattern printed onto the kraft-colored cardboard is striking with a cutting-edge organic modernism that is signature to Elizabeth Paige Smith and Kittypod.  Built to last, double-sided and spacious enough for multiple cats to cozy up or scratch and play.  Only $48 bucks it's a perfect gift for the holiday season and every season because dreams are forever++


This is the best and we'll tell you why.  The WINGDREAM is hands down an amazing pillowy bed for your cat, your dog, you, get playful it's for lovers, your kids, it's for everyone.  It smells good, feels great to lie on and is made of a tightly woven HEMP that looks like linen but durable as a canvas.  The wing-shaped bed is filled with our special blend of post consumer lofty polyfil fiber, buckwheat hulls and lavendar.  Crawl onto the WINGDREAM and dream away zzzzzzz.  2 new sizes medium and large.


Ok, you may have a difficult time giving this amazing gift to your kitty because they are truly the most exquisite materials to lounge on.  The new colors are incredible as you can see by the photo we went absolutely wild and well Elizabeth couldn't stop choosing the yarns and so now there's quite a range to select from to go with any interior design you won't want to do without one.  Warm up one of our corrugated designs with this extra cozy throw sized just for your cat.  If you can't stand it and want one for yourself let us know in fact the first of this concept was actually made for a very funny british comedian/actress for use as a luxurious throw in her library...we're not ones to name drop so we'll just leave you wondering who this hilariously funny actress is+++ your cat really couldn't care but he will want to curl up on a SHRED and purrrrrrrrr


We're excited to finally have our amazing scratchdecks ready to ship!  We have 4 print colors to choose from WHITE as seen here, FUSCIA, BLUE and GREEN! The PAWPAWs are double-sided and made super well with very dense corrugated cardboard.  Built so well you won't need to replace this like you do by the 'others' huh huh.. hey why not save more gas, more time and think less about having to replace the cat's scratcher and more about what you really want to be doing with your time++  pick your favorite color and let KITTYPOD take care of your cats needs.  


"iPad2 Fever" featuring PING & PONG

(click image to video link)

Thanks to our good friends who contributed to the making of this film!! XOXOXO


"Peeps" Stop Motion Animation by Gentle Giants Animation

"Peeps" Sound by Michael Baird


Groove with the new Kittypod website!

Since the first launch of Kittypod in 1998, we have learned from our clients and their cats needs to continue to develop design solutions for harmonious cohabitation.


Our focus is designing products for cat's ritual living. Making sure each product meets their inherent needs... scratching, playing, stretching, dreaming, inhabiting, rejuvenating, and climbing.


We've used this same focus for creating our new virtual showroom for you to easily shop online and to source for information on design culture for cohabitation solutions. You can search our products based on your cat's ritual living needs or by our product categories. We hope you enjoy the virtual Kittypod shopping experience.




With this new web site launch, we are excited to introduce our new home sweet DOME habitat to our product line.

The domed habitat is made of superior grade recycled cardboard featuring one point of entry, multiple peep holes and an interior scratchdeck for clawing and nesting.  Intimately proportioned, easy to assemble with integrated tab connections. 24 x 13.25 x 14.25 inches.


We love design, beautiful materials and the comfort of the luxury they bring us. That is why we created a limited edition of higher end material products that are handmade to share with our pets and yours. Check out our WOW collection. 




From our homegrown collection, Shred is a handmade custom knit felt throw made with fine alpaca yarn.  Cats respond to the luxurious fiber density and love the texture and softness of the silky fibers.  This soft and silky plush blanket may be used alone or accent a variety of Kittypod designs.  Shred is also to be used as a protective layer for your sofa or chair or as an extra cozy layer when paired with your cats favorite Kittypod design anytime of year. 100% alpaca yarn


How we chose what goes into the stuffing of our Kittea™ plush collection is part of our high quality design. While you can’t see it, we want you to be aware of the choice of materials that will benefit your cat and you.    We have sourced the best material and created the best herbal blends that will provide a rejuvenating experience for your kitty.  Check it all out in Kittea section of the site.


The New Year will bring lot's of new products to our collections for you and your felines to enjoy. Our studio is in full design swing to bring in the New Year with amazing new designs you're going to love.  Check out the preview of some of the latest Kittypod collections ++

live. groove. love.





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