A selection of Kittypods in the home will help make your living experience with your cat a happy one.  Consider your space and determine your cats needs from room to room.  Kittypodliving targets the behaviors of cats and addresses their needs in the home by presenting designs that serve your design desires and your cat's ritual behavior.  


We offer the following tips for Kittypod proofing your home:


Evaluate your space  

Cats need to scratch.  Kittypod is your solution.   All our corrugated cardboard designs are made to scratch. A full size design such as the couchette has multiple sides and angles for scratching with the benefit of a surface for sleeping and play.  The couchette, for instance, stands tall like the corner of your sofa and is designed to attract your cat so they may do what comes natural.    


Each of the Kittypod designs are designed to meet cats needs. Cats are naturally attracted to Kittypod shapes and materials.  Over 12 years of experience has proven that Kittypod's make a difference in the home.  You can make a difference by making a safe place for your cat to do what is instinctual.  To cohabitate harmoniously, your investment in creating a safe and positive living environment for your cat depends on it.  You will find a variety of designs to suit your and your cats needs at affordable prices. 




Introducing Kittypod into the home

The earlier you introduce Kittypod into your environment the better chances you have of your cat scratching the right surface rather than your furniture.  Your participation and encouragement may be necessary in introducing Kittypod designs to your cat. Engage them in the product to let them know it's theirs.



Choosing the right product for your cat and you

The stage of your cat's life is something to keep in mind when choosing your Kittypod.  Our designs are suitable for all ages; kitten, adult and seniors. You can search our product recommendations by ritual or by age. We also list every products dimensions on each product page.

Placing Kittypods around the home

Kittypod designs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes all of which have been designed specifically for cats.  We've designed Kittypods to function well in your interior from room to room.

Benefits of Kittypodliving

Kittypods in the home create an atmosphere that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Beautifully designed to appeal to pet owners and functional for cat rituals of scratching, playing, stretching, dreaming, inhabiting, rejuvenating and climbing.

Give a Kittypod, save the claws

De-clawing your cat so he won't scratch your furniture is cruel and inhumane. There can be serious physical and psychological effects. Instead, you should train your cat to use a Kittypod scratchdeck ™


Scratching is one of your cat's ingrained ritual instincts. Keep a Kittypod scratchdeck™ near where the cat usually sleeps or, if he has already picked out a corner of your sofa, keep it next to that chosen spot.  Make the scratchdeck™ appealing to him: dangle a string over it and wiggle it to catch his interest, or scratch on the surface with your own nails in order to engage and encourage preferred behavior. Your cat will become accustomed to the kittypod as the safe place to do what comes natural.   


Being aware and understanding of your cat's rituals

Cats are loving, playful, highly intelligent and extremely observant. Cats learn quickly and can be very curious about new or exciting things around the home. Provide a Kittypod for their use to express their animal instincts from the ritual section of the site.

Cats are athletic creatures with amazing strength and agility. Nature made them into perfect machines for leaping, jumping, and dashing. Check out our ritual play products in the rituals section of the site.

When provided with lots of love and good care, cats can become loyal companions throughout your life. 




Maintaining your Kittypod

If your cat is shredding the kittypod product they are doing their job. If your kittypod begins to show wear and tear from your cat's ritual behavior we offer vanity face plates for the couchette, mini, ponyride and prrrounge to protect the exterior design and keep it looking beautiful. After all it's for you to enjoy too.