hemp snakeypoo catnip toy

Designed by Elizabeth Paige Smith

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The Hemp Snakeypoo Catnip Toy is made of Hemp Canvas and inspired by local rattlesnakes found in the studio's organic garden+++yikes! Prewashed and sewn in our studio this flexible toy is durable enough to withstand sharp teeth and claws. Hemp snakeypoo features KITTEA® fill: Organic catnip, hemp fiber and buckwheat hulls, a combination that attracts and stimulates play.


  • Type Toy
  • Weight +/- 1.25 oz
  • Material Hemp Canvas with Kittea™ Fill: Hemp Fiber, Buckwheat Hulls & Catnip
  • Origin California Handmade USA
  • Color Natural
  • Dimensions 20"L x 4.5"W x 1.5"H
  • Care Spot Clean
  • Assembly