kittea herbal pillow

Designed by Elizabeth Paige Smith

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The KITTEA™ Herbal Pillow is and aromatherapeutic companion made of cotton/hemp muslin. The KITTEA™ organic fill provides a spa like rejuvenating experience. Buckwheat hulls massage and contour providing comfort, while french lavender stimulates tranquility alleviating daily stress, anxiety, exhaustion and more. This pillow also multi-functions as a warming pillow for greater soothing effects. Each Kittea herbal pillow is unique with a hand stamped Kittypod logo. Try this super-sized sachet for yourself, and if kitty is good lil kitty get her one too++ Great to layer with bedding or used on it's own, use for your own pleasure, or take it with you on the go! 

  • Type Supa Plush
  • Weight 1 lb
  • Material Hemp / Organic Cotton with Kittea™ Fill: Buckwheat Hulls & Lavender
  • Origin California Handmade USA
  • Color Natural
  • Dimensions 18" Diameter
  • Care Spot Clean
  • Assembly
You know when you have those icky days that you need a lift? I always wanted a super big sachet that I could bury myself into and so I made it for me and my pets, we all love one in our bedding++ trust me, you will too! get one for your sweetie and be loved~

- elizabeth, designer