Designed by Elizabeth Paige Smith

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The Pawpaw is a kitty-head shaped SCRATCHDECK™ offering the largest surface area of our scratchdecks to play and sharpen claws. This sturdy scratcher is double-sided, simply pop out the perforated enclosure on the flip side and give your cat a go at it all over again. 2" thickness of carboard to keep your cat doing what comes natural and safe. Great for homes with multiple cats.  Kittypod uses the best and most durable materials and our quality construction is unmatched.

  • Type Scratchdeck™
  • Weight +/- 5 lbs
  • Material Recycled Corrugated Cardboard / 100% Recyclable
  • Origin California Made USA
  • Color White, Blue, Fuchsia, Moss
  • Dimensions 25.5L x 19.5W x 2H
  • Care Dry Brush or Broom or Vacuum
  • Assembly