Designed by Elizabeth Paige Smith

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The Prrrounge is a multi-functional chaise longue shaped with generous proportions offering a daybed, a hiding spot and a raiser to play with. Multiple sides and angles for sharpening claws.  Unmatched elegance while functional and strong this is a definite focal piece for your home.  Vanity plates sold separately.

  • Type Furniture
  • Weight 15 lbs
  • Material Recycled Corrugated Cardboard; 100% Recyclable
  • Origin California Made USA
  • Color Natural Cardboard
  • Dimensions 36.5L x 17.5W x 12.5H variations may occur
  • Care Dry Brush or Broom or Vacuum
  • Assembly
Dear Kittypod, I received my Kittypod Mini with the maple vanity plates today. Again, another quality product! My 18 yr. old cat MaryKitty has been on it all day. She absolutely adores her new Kittypod! I also have the PRRROUNGE, which I purchased about 6 years ago. With multiple cats constantly using the PRRROUNGE I wasn't sure how long it would last. But I have to say it has held up marvelously. I just lightly vacuum it and it is as good as new. Has some wear on the surface from them scratching on it, but it is still as sturdy as when I first purchased it. I am very happy with my purchase, as this is truly a quality item and enjoyed by all my furbabies. Attached are some pictures. Thanks again!

- Debbie T